What's new this week:  Have you noticed our new search function powered by GoogleTM ? Have you tried it? Please let us know what do you think.  

 Our BookClubTM features an excellent book in self-help: Four Agreements. It is extremely easy to understand. Just like FengShui, this book roots in the ancient wisdom and makes huge impact through very simple ideas. This is a book that will change your life forever. Also check out other books that were previously featured by FengShuiHelp book club

If you do not feel like reading, what about some music? Allow us to introduce Buddha Nature, an CD for your inner self... 

Recently, we have many people ask questions about the directions involving a couple.  In tip of the week we have the answer for you. We would be very interested in hear from you regarding this matter.  
All are invited to our Discussion forum  Dialogue is the best way for us to learn from each other. How are you implementing FengShui in your life? Do you desire to to avoid misfortune or wish to obtain extra advantage? The history of FengShui is long and complicated.  New comers as well as masters are welcome to exchange their understanding of FengShui and display  agreeable social behavior here.